Every card is made to order


About LaiLai

LAILAI is a small business selling hand designed cards but, these aren’t just any cards!

The designs are printed on seed paper.

After you gift or receive them, instead of throwing the card away, it can be planted and grow into an array of wildflowers. Not only is this a beautiful way to reduce the massive amount of waste we accumulate, the seeds that grow are bee friendly, promoting pollination. These are the perfect gift for your green-thumbed family and friends 


How much do the cards cost ?

£3.50 per card (not including personalised cards)

£9 for a pack of 3 cards 

Which flowers are found in the card ?

A wide range of meadow wild flowers - the full list can be found in the "about" section

Can you write in the cards?

Yes you can! You can use any pen or pencil to write whatever message you would like in the cards

What size are the cards ?

The cards and envelopes are A6

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