What is LaiLai?

{LaiLai - a Yoruba word that translates to FOREVER}

LAILAI is a small business selling hand designed cards but, these aren’t just any cards! The designs are printed on seed paper. After you gift or receive them, instead of throwing the card away, it can be planted and grow into an array of wildflowers.

Not only is this a beautiful way to reduce the massive amount of waste we accumulate, the seeds that grow are bee friendly, promoting pollination. These are the perfect gift for your green-thumbed family and friends!

[LaiLai] - behind the cards


Hello everyone! My name is Oyinkan, the very proud owner of LaiLai.

LaiLai, originally named "Buzz", began as a school business project that I co-led in the first year of Sixth form with 17 other people. I absolutely loved the experience of starting this enterprise, as it gave me a taste of what it could look like to start a successful business.

After the end of the school project, I thought it would be a waste to let go of this seed paper business. So, now in university, I have decided to continue with the project.

As a person who strives to use zero-waste alternatives for single use items, I know how difficult it can be to find zero waste products that are affordable.

So, with LaiLai, I wanted to create just that. A brand selling zero-waste alternatives for cards that also gives back to the environment without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

Since officially launching LaiLai in December of 2020, the support I have received has been absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to show you all the ideas I have for the future and, with your help, to watch LaiLai grow! 🌱

Our Mission

Responsibly Made Products

Here at LaiLai our aim is to reduce waste. So, careful planning has been put into every component of the cards, even down to the stickers!

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